My name is Michael Lomman (aka Em El) and well, im a Graphic Designer.

I started out in design many moons ago (waaaaaay back in the 80's) by delving into the world of street art.
Yes, i was a vandal, but I quickly changed my ways after making contact with 
a local Youth Arts Centre, who gave me a taste of murals (and getting paid to paint!!). 
This contact dragged me into Graphic Design without knowing it and soon 
I was painting murals all over the place (even some overseas).

I had to work a normal 9-5 (it was actually 8-6, but who's counting) and kept my murals on the side.
The thirst was strong and I knew i wanted more.

I put myself through TAFE and attained a Diploma of Graphic Design to make it official.

And now i present to you, my Portfolio